Commissioning of Project with Innovative approach
Low Voltage operation
  • In July 2010, the Project was ready to generate power from Allain Side but the Company’s dedicated 220kV transmission system for evacuation of power was not ready.
  • To overcome this situation, the Company explored an innovative idea to generate the power at lower voltage and evacuate power through State Grid at 132 kV.
  • Accordingly, Generator suitability for 6.6 kV (as against 11 kV) generation voltage got done from BHEL and Transient stability study of HPSEB 132 kV grid was conducted by the Company from PRDC Bangalore.
  • This operation at lower voltage was successfully implemented until completion of dedicated 220 kV Transmission Line. 
  • During this period of operation at lower voltage, the Company was able to generate 42.64 Million Kwh till the time our own transmission line was commissioned.

This kind of operation was experimented successfully for the first time in the World.

  • Allain Duhangan Hydro power project is the first project of its size in the world to get approval from UNFCCC as CDM project.
Asian Power Bronze Award 2012 for independent Power Producer of the year
Asian Power Gold Award 2012 for Hydro Power Project of the year