Fact Sheet
fact sheet


District Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, India 

Construction commenced

April, 2005

Commercial Operation Date 

18th September, 2010

Installed capacity

192 MW


Run of River with pondage

Annual Design Energy

699.78 MU in a 90% dependable year.

Gross Head

876 m

Net Head

858 m

Design flow

31 m3/sec

Name of Stream

Allain Stream 

Duhangan Stream 

Diversion Structures


Gated Barrage 

Trench Weir 

Maximum Water level 

2752.5 m 

2788.0 m 

No. of Spillway bays 

2 nos. 


Width of each bay 

10.0 m 


No. of under sluice bays 

2 nos.


Width of each under sluice bay 

5.0 m 


Head Regulator 

Width of Head regulator 

17.4 m 

4.3 m 

No. of Bays 

Regulator gates 

4 nos. Vertical lift fixed Wheel

1 no. Vertical lift fixed Wheel

Design Discharge 

22.6 cumecs 

8.4 cumecs 

Desilting Arrangement 

No. & Size 

4 nos., 8 m x 80 m 

1 no., Underground, 

90 m x 10 m.

Head Race Tunnel 

Size and type 

4.5 m wide x 4.5m high, circular shaped, concrete lined 

4.5 m wide x 4.5 high, D-shaped, concrete lined

Intermediate Reservoir 

Live Storage Capacity

2,25,000 m3

Surge Shaft 

8 m Dia. x 67m-Length, 6 m Dia. x 30 m-Length 

Concrete lined.

Pressure Shaft 

Length and type 

1524 m long, steel lined, Underground. 


Varies from 3000 mm to 2400 mm 

Power House 



- Main Cavern 

66.5 m (L) x 15.3 m (W) x 33 m (H) 

-Transformer Cavern 

64.5 m (L) x 12.5 m (W) x 12.5 m (H) 

Capacity of EOT Crane 


Tail Race 


Free flow modified horseshoe shaped 

Type & Dimensions

D-shaped, 885.0 m (L), 4.6 m (W) x 4.6 m (H) 

Power purchase agreement

Merchant power to northern region clients


Malana Power Company: 88%, IFC: 12%


IFC and local Indian banks

Greenhouse gas saving

Est. 500,000 tonnes p.a.