Statutory Compliance

The Emergency Action Plan of AD Hydro Power Ltd. has been prepared as per guidelines prescribed by the Directorate of Energy, H.P. Govt. .The document elaborates about the planned actions for various emergency situations including natural & Man Made emergencies and it also contains the contact details of the project authorities and district administration to be contacted in such emergencies



Approved EAP 22.09.2021 Download
Annex 1_Organisation Chart for ERP_ADHPL Download
Annex 2_Emergency Telephone Numbers Download
Annex 3_List of Key Personnel Download
Annex 4_Firefighting & Rescue Team Download
Annex 5_Material Safety Data Sheets Download
Annex 6_Notes on First Aid Download
Annex 7_Rescue and Transportation of Injured Download
Annex 8_List of Inventory of Disaster Management Room Download
Annex 9_List of Heavy Machinery and Vehicles Download
Annex 10 b_PLANS OF DAM BREAK Download
Annex 10_Inundation map od Dam break analysis Download
Annex 10a_Dam Break Analysis by SWECO Download