Location Kullu District, Himachal Pradesh, India
Construction commenced April 2005
Commercial production started July 2012
Installed capacity 192 MW
Type Run-of-river
Average annual output 800 GWh
Gross head 858 m
Design flow 31 m3/sec
Vertical drop shaft 7 m and 4.6 m
Head regulator 6.8 m width with two bays
Head race tunnel 2.4 m wide and 3.4 m high
Equipments Two 96 MW vertical 5-jet Pelton units
Underground powerhouse
1750 m steel-lined pressure shaft
Power purchase agreement Merchant power to northern region clients
Ownership Malana Power Company: 88%, IFC: 12%
Financing IFC and local Indian banks
Greenhouse gas saving Est. 500,000 tonnes p.a.
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